February 2016

I currently belong to a credit counselor. They are a non-profit organization. They do get a monthly fee of $25 for handling our debt but it is tax deductible since they are a non-profit organization.

What you want to do is ask A LOT of questions. Some debt consolidators collect your money and wait until you have enough to pay one of the bills in full. You don’t want this. This is the thing that screws your credit up worse. The one I use pays each bill we took them every month. So no one is building up additional fees.

I am not sure what you owe but I would spend time investigating who you use. Did you know you can actually negotiate the deals yourself. You just have to call and talk to the right people.

A credit counselor will look at what you owe what you need to live on and create a payment plan that works for you. My husband and I owed $80,000 we started the program June 2004 and will be out by June 2016. We pay $445 a week. But that is what we could afford. I do know you usually have to pay 1% of your total bill a month. And they try to get you paid off in 5 years. Also they help lower all your interest rates.

Good luck, hope some of this info has been helpful.