Debt collection

by law they CANNOT call you at work once you tell them that they cannot call you at work. Next time they call tell them that they can not call you again, and if they do you will be contacting an attorney and the FCC and filing a complaint. This is true, but you have to put your request in writing.

If you tell them by phone not to contact you at your workplace it is only good for 10 days, in which case you send a letter within those 10 days to make it legal.

I have received a phone call from World Financial Network National Bank at my place of employment and he was very rude and told me there was nothing I can do and they he did not have to stop calling or have to prove anything to me…. can any one help I did fax and send a letter today via certified mail with return receipt for validation of the debt and also written notice to have everything be in writing.

Has anyone had to deal with them… please help and give any advice? I am very confused!!!!! I think that simply put – he is breaking the law. There is a Fair Debt Collection law in place to protect you from people like this.