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Have you been successful in finding a work at home part-time job for extra income? If so, can you share the info? I just requested info from which suggests a start up fee of the lowest amount being $50-$100. I got scammed on another for $47.00 with a link to there website with very elementary info which was more common sense but no firm info on companies to ‘apply’ to?

Yes you would have to commit to being at home certian hours during the day. Charges depends on Volumne higher volumn is less per call plus you need to consider how long a call takes. Generally less then 6 minutes. One gal charges a fee of $2 an hour plus $5 for each appointment booked. She is now serving 3 clients and makes about $100 per day. She is either home or has her sister home. One of her daughters has medical issues which make taking her out of the house risky so someone is always home. The other gal forwards her calls to her cell phone when she is out but is home more often then not.

You would have to use caller ID to or priority ring to know how to answer the phone. If you like to run around alot then this is probably not a good plan for you. Only if you declare the income can you write off your phone services and computer services. Providing this kind of service is a business. It has to be run in a professional way. Attracting new clients depends on how well you serve your current clients. You have to have structure in your day to be sucessful at this biut that is true for most endevers.

Last time when I needed money I decided to opt to payday loans instead of looking for part-time job or borrowing cash from my relatives. My experience? Very positive, I have to admit. Just visit any trusted and established website facilitating instant payday loans – and you are OK. Also, remember to borrow responsibly. Ask no more than you will manage to pay back.